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Spelling Program

Just 30 minutes of practise five times a week with the help of an adult will see major gains in 12 weeks.

The Listen To Read Spelling Program is phonics-based and aligns with Australian Standards.

Listen To Read Spelling Program

The Curriculum covers:

  1. Sight words
  2. Short vowel sounds
  3. Long vowel sounds and vowel blends
  4. Bossy ‘E’, Vowel Blends & ‘Y’ ending words
  5. Vowel Blends, Long Vowel Sounds & “Y” Ending Words
  6. Long Vowel Sounds & Vowel Blends
  7. Vowel Blends & Long Vowel Sound
  8. Consonant Blends
  9. Beginning Consonant Blends
  10. Consonant Blends
  11. Ending Consonant Blends
  12. Three Letter Consonant Blends
  13. Prefixes
  14. Suffixes
  15. Common Everyday Words
  16. More Common Words

The Spelling Program

Samples of the program below:

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Spelling Sample
Spelling Sample 2
Spelling Sample 3
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