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Does your child need a reading program

Complete the interactive quiz below to determine if a tutor will help improve your child´s reading…

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Question Yes Sometimes No
Does your child dislike reading?
Does your child forget words that you have told them only minutes or seconds before?
Does your child read in a stilted fashion?
Does your child become frustrated when presented with reading tasks?
Does your child become upset when they are trying to read, if they get stuck on a word?
Is your child reluctant to read out loud?
Does you child confuse sight words?
Does your child have problems with their memory?
Does your child constantly look at picture cues to work out a word?
Does your child have a limited number of words that they know by sight?
Has a teacher expressed concern to you about the reading ability of your child?
Does your child always use a finger to point to words while they are reading?
Does your child `mouth words` while reading silently?
Is the comprehension of your child poor?
Is listening to your child read a tedious chore for you?
Does your child get upset or frustrated when tackling a reading task?
Does your child confuse letter names and sounds?
Does your child have difficulty blending basic letters together?
Are you concerned about the reading ability of your child?
Does your child find it difficult to break up an unknown word?