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The NAPLAN results have been mailed. Many parents will receive an unpleasant surprise once that envelope is opened! In Years 3, 5, 7, and 9, 30% of students are anticipated to fall into the bottom two categories.

It is difficult to comprehend that NAPLAN has existed for fifteen years. Since 2008.students have been divided into ten bands. The main change from 2023 onwards will be that students will be categorised into only four bands. Why has this change come about? Educational experts wanted the NAPLAN reporting process to be more detailed. This detail will allow teachers and parents to identify struggling students early so that interventions can be implemented so that these students can catch up. 

The bands will be as follows starting in 2023:

Band 1 – Exceeding 

Band 2 – Powerful

The bands above show that the pupil is progressing well academically and performing at Year level expectations

Band 3 – Developing

Band 4 – Needs Attention

These bands communicate that these children are facing challenges!

Many schools are developing thorough Whole School Approaches to Literacy and offering school- based programs.

They are identifying those students in need and providing:

-Small group tuition

-Phonics based instruction to improve reading

These programs need to be extended to ensure that these children catch up. If a child is behind by one year in Year 3 in reading this can blow out to 4 or 5 years by the time they are in High School. Many of these students disengage in the classroom and behaviour problems can occur.

As a recently retired High School teacher, I have worked with students in High School whose reading age has been assessed with a standardised reading age which is equal to that of a student whose chronological age is 6 or 7 years of age.

How can we help them in High School? Is it too late?

In my opinion, it is never too late!

Please feel free to contact me if you are concerned about your child’s reading.

If you are a teacher and are interested in finding out more about using the Listen To Read program with you students, I would be happy to speak with you.

Catherine McLennan

Founder of Listen To Read

1300 4 READING

1300 473 234

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