Signs of a Poor Reader – Reading Problems in Children

September 10, 2020 | General

If your child is struggling with reading you are not alone. An estimated one in five children in primary school struggle with reading. If you think your child is having reading problems, look through the list below outlining the signs of a poor reader and see if your concerns are listed.

Poor readers usually:

  • Avoid reading tasks
  • Read slowly and hesitantly making lots of mistakes
  • Often mouth the words as they are reading
  • Pause frequently whilst reading
  • Had trouble in the early years of school learning the alphabet
  • Had trouble learning the sounds of the letters
  • Confuse the letter name and letter sound
  • Confuse sounds which may sound similar
  • Have no idea or some difficulty blending letters together
  • Have poor visual and auditory memory (they fail to recognise the same word even though they have met that word several times)
  • Have poor sight word vocabulary
  • Hate reading aloud
  • Do not know how to work out an unknown word by breaking it up into syllables
  • Do not go back to the beginning of a sentence or read ahead to try to work out an unknown word (forward/backward referencing)
  • Have poor word attack skills

If you recognise your child in several of these suggestions please seek professional advice.


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