School Trial Results and Listener Feedback

Listen to Read tutoring and self-study programs have been trialled in several schools: one high school and two primary schools, with consistently excellent results.

Results are outstanding for home study programs, small group tutoring and school based programs.

Hundreds of students have completed either the self-study or group tuition program and are now reading well above their grade level.

Many teachers are now referring students to Listen to Read for extra help.

Primary School Trial

20 students used the Listen to Read program for a 12 week period.

The Trials have shown impressive results in:

Reading accuracy – average improvement 6 months in 8 weeks

Reading fluency – average improvement 3 months in 8 weeks

Word recognition –average improvement 7.6 months in 12 weeks

Spelling accuracy – average improvement 9.4 months in 12 weeks

Student Reading

High School Trial

31 students from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 used the Listen to Read program for a 12 week period.

10 of the students were classified as Special Needs.

All students improved in their reading age with the average improvement being 2 years in 10 weeks.

Improvements ranged from 6 months to 3 years and 9 months.

Teenager Reading

Comments from High School Students who have used the Listen to Read program

“I hated reading but now I want to read.”

“I am glad I did the course, I think it will really help me, especially in English lessons.”

“I am better at processing words while I am reading.”

“I have borrowed some books from the Library and have read them. I didn’t do that before.”

“My confidence has improved and I don’t mind reading in front of people now.”

“Learning to break down words into chunks helped me to read bigger words.”


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