The Benefits Of Reading

US author and educator Jim Trelease has spent a lifetime educating parents around the world about the benefits of reading. A noted public speaker and author of the popular and durable “The Read Aloud Handbook”, and has travelled extensively bringing home the message of his book, and the importance of “turning books into friends, not [...]

State Of Literacy In Australia

The Australian National Year of Reading’s focus is on celebrating, sharing and loving reading. But it’s also a time for reflection on the state of literacy in Australia. What most of us take for granted or think of as merely something for pleasure or research is a precious and vital skill necessary for people to [...]

Does My Child Have a Reading Problem?

As a parent, when you begin to suspect that your child has a reading problem you may be feeling worried but are not sure if your concerns are justified. Many parents will notice their child struggling but don’t know where to go for help. Teachers may say your child’s reading is within normal range for [...]

Business Opportunity For Talented Teachers

Many teachers enjoy teaching but are stressed by the increasing load of expectations attached to their jobs. Teachers find they are spending too much time on discipline and not enough on teaching. They may feel bogged down with paperwork, parent interviews, performance reviews and programming when what they are passionate about is teaching and helping [...]

Phonics Versus Whole Language

You might have heard some discussion in the media regarding the ongoing controversy over which method is best for teaching children to read. The main approaches are the “Phonics” approach or the "Whole Language" approach. Phonics is a method of teaching reading. It instructs students to connect sounds with letters or groups of letters. The [...]

Signs of a Poor Reader – Reading Problems in Children

If your child is struggling with reading you are not alone. An estimated one in five children in primary school struggle with reading. If you think your child is having reading problems, look through the list below outlining the signs of a poor reader and see if your concerns are listed. Poor readers usually: Avoid [...]