Listen To Read – Multi Sensory Reading

A unique approach

for reading problems

Gains of up to 2 years

in only 10-12 weeks

Improves memory

and concentration

The reading solution helping children, teenagers and adults overcome their reading difficulties and discover the joy of reading.

Rapid Realistic Reading Results

Just 30 minutes of practise, five times a week with the help of an adult reader will usually see major gains in 12 weeks.

The Listen to Read program combines two specialised methods to give you the ultimate home based reading program:

→ an intensive phonetics training curriculum

→ filtered Sound Therapy music to retrain the auditory centres in the brain

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“Learning to break down words into chunks helped me to read bigger words.”

“I hated reading but now I want to read.”

“I have borrowed some books from the Library and have read them. I didn’t do that before.”

“My confidence has improved and I don’t mind reading in front of people now.”

A highly effective multi-sensory program comprising of a carefully planned reading curriculum with sound therapy filtering and music

Meet the founders of Listen to Read – a school teacher who has personally tutored over 500 students with reading difficulties and the owner of a therapeutic listening solutions company

Mother and son using Listen to Read
Outstanding results have been achieved from the Schools Trial of Listen to Read