Listen to Read – In Only 12 Weeks, 30 Mins/Day
A Unique, Accelerated Home Study or School Based Reading Program

Are you concerned about your child struggling to read or keep up with the other children in the class? Don’t worry! Watch your child ‘listen and read’ easily in just 12 weeks using our unique powerful program.

  • Help your struggling reader
  • Watch confidence soar!
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Give your child the gift of literacy
  • Weekly tuition classes in selected areas
  • App for iPad home study program

Listen to Read is a new advance in reading solutions. With minimal supervision, problem-readers can overcome their reading difficulties in just a few weeks.

How does it work? Watch this video!


Why Can’t my Child Read?

Reading difficulties fall into three main areas:

  • Ineffective reading instruction
  • Auditory (hearing) or visual perception difficulties
  • Language processing difficulties

Ineffective reading instruction

Classroom learning cannot meet the needs of every student. If your child’s reading is lagging behind, they need daily practise and support to address their issues.

Classroom teachers simply cannot find enough time to help the estimated one in five students who struggle with reading tasks. Listen to Read can be done with minimal adult supervision for half an hour every day. These students can be helped.

Auditory and Visual perception difficulties

In most cases the student is struggling because their visual or auditory processing channels are weak. This makes it hard to focus on the words and connect the written word to the sound. These channels need training to improve perception. Listen to Read provides the multi-sensory training these students need.

Language processing difficulties

Several parts of the brain are involved in language processing and these parts need to work together just like an orchestra playing.

How Children Learn

Each child learns differently, and some need more intensive or slower paced instruction. Language can be broken down into different sounds called phonemes.

There are only 44 sounds in English while there are about 1 million words. Therefore it is much more efficient to memorise 44 sounds as opposed to memorising hundreds of thousands of words. Learning the sounds is called the “phonics” approach. This approach teaches children to decode words by sounds, rather than recognising whole words.

How the ‘Listen to Read’ Program Works

The Listen to Read program combines two specialised methods to give you the ultimate home based reading program.

1. The phonics-based reading curriculum

The program teaches through a combination of:

  • intensive phonics
  • whole word approaches
  • word attack skills

Most importantly it teaches the student to understand and quickly break up words into syllables.

2. Sound Therapy filtering

The audio lessons are recorded with the special Sound Therapy high frequency filtering which stimulates the neural pathways to retrain the auditory centres in the brain. This improves memory and concentration and enhances the development of reading skills through intensive auditory stimulation.

How to use the program

The secret to the system is in the prescribed way that it is taught. Listen to Read uses auditory and visual approaches as well as a kinaesthetic (body awareness) approach to help the brain decode unknown words. This helps the student to `bridge the gap` in the learning process. Just 30 minutes of practice, five times a week, with the help of an adult reader, will usually see major gains in 12 weeks.


A Unique Approach

The ‘Listen to Read’ program is unique because it teaches through an intensive phonics approach, combining a tested and proven reading curriculum with added high frequency sound stimulation.

The Listen to Read Program assists with:

  • Reading difficulties
  • Fluency and comprehension problems
  • Dyslexia
  • General learning difficulties
  • Auditory processing problems
  • Memory/concentration problems
  • Improved learning ability

Most students can make gains of up to two years in only 12 weeks.

What our Happy Parents Say

  • “Before doing Listen To Read my son had never shown any interest in reading or learning, Since completing the program he now asks if he can read me a story! His confidence has increased dramatically. He has gone up 3 reading levels at school in one term. I now have a happy, confident 8 year old, who willingly gives reading a go.”
    Mother of 8 year old boy
  • “Her reading age went up by 3 years. She understands the sounds now, she is more confident in herself and it has boosted her self esteem.”
    Mother of 10 year old girl
  • “Our son John is in Grade 6 and showing terrific improvement in reading since beginning on the program two months ago. He says a lot of people don’t even know he is dyslexic anymore. His teachers are amazed and thrilled.”
    Parents of learning disabled boy
  • “I hated reading but now I want to read.”
    High School Student who has used the program

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Listen to Read – In Only 12 Weeks, 30 Mins/Day
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